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Goliaf v.d. Argonauten

ICH Goliaf v.d. Argonauten

BRI e 02 - cream harlequin
D.O.B. 5.04.2013

sire: Cupkake v. Pluschland - BRI e 03
dam: Anabelle v.d. Wolfegger Ach - BRI e 03

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PL*Palladium K'Dr.No

CH PL*Palladium K'Dr.No a.k.a. Ludi

BRI a - blue
D.O.B. 11.10.2012

CH Lucky of Silent Smile*SK - photo: Sepis Project Uldwyna's Goldy Gladyce - photo: Sepis Project
sire: CH Lucky of Silent Smile*SK - BRI a
dam: Uldwyna's Goldy Gladyce - BRI a

FIV, FeLV, PKD negative, blood group B

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PL*Palladium Sinnis

PL*Palladium Sinnis

BRI a - blue
D.O.B. 07.08.2014

Eddie Blue Silent Smile, SK - photo: Sepis Project Daphne British Fortune, SK - photo: Sepis Project
sire: Eddie Blue Silent Smile*SK, JW - BRI a
dam: Daphne British Fortune, SK - BRI a

FIV, FeLV, PKD negativ, Blutgruppe B

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